Problem-Reaction-Solution (A Definition)

26 Aug

Problem, Reaction, Solution


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What is Problem > Reaction > Solution?
Also known as The Hegelian Dialectic, or Diocletian’s Theory, it was seen to perfection by the Blair Government spin machine it is a basic psychological method, developed in the early 20th Century, of manipulating an agenda, whether it be an individual salesman making a sale, a Government wanting to push through potentially unpopular legislation or a Corporation trying to increase its profit margin.

Simply Put:

Problem – Manipulate “customer” reaction by creating a perceived problem, perhaps by leaking stories to the press e.g.: Iraq WMD, Terrorist threat, Global Warming

Reaction – Your “customer” obviously is concerned by this apparent turn of events and demands help and protection

Solution – Eh Voila, you come up with the solution to save the day, the same “solution” that you would never have been able to sell before making the customer worried e.g.:  Iraq war; an endless war on a noun (terror); and people for the first time being willing to pay more taxes and cut back on their consumption to “save the world” all under a false pretext.

The question is does the end justify the means?

EDITORS NOTE: Problem-Reaction-Solution has been a tactic used by many governments and secret society networks throughout history to bring about changes to law and society in general. Most recent of these include enhanced security at airports, checkpoints (post 9/11) and carbon tax (global warming).


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